"A diamond is a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well." Anon


The aim of The Looking Glass is to be liberated from the mundane and delve deeper than our current version of reality.

The desired outcome is to become personally coherent, which means bringing our thoughts, feelings and behaviour into alignment. This experience is anchored in reality as it is applied by each participant to their current personal and business challenges and opportunities.

This multi-dimensional experience provides participants with a wide range of learning opportunities.

A combination of inspiration, reflection and creation delivered through dialogue, shared experience, teaching games, coaching and facilitation helps participants take an in-depth look at their self-leadership to create a meaningful and lasting experience.

Participants acquire the qualities needed for success, such as influencing, engagement, motivation, collaboration, inclusion, social and emotional intelligence.

With the help of 360, Enneagram and CSI assessments and feedback tools, participants return to their organisations with the ability to communicate effectively and maximise both individual and team performance.

The outcome of The Looking Glass learning journeys is not just sustainable, it is hard to switch off.